Explify Respiratory Pathogens by Next-generation Sequencing

Each year, more than one million patients in the United States alone are admitted to the hospital and treated for pneumonia and related symptoms.

Explify Respiratory Infections by Next-generation Sequencing, Pneumonia and Bronchitis

The laboratory work-up for pneumonia involves multiple tests, including cultures, microscopy, EIA, and PCR, the results of which may not be available for days or weeks. Current testing methods are limited to specific pathogens and can return negative results in up to 60 percent of pneumonia cases.

ARUP co-developed Explify Respiratory in collaboration with IDbyDNA, www.idbydna.com, as a new tool for diagnosing pneumonia that combines the latest genome science with cutting-edge computer search technologies to bring precision medicine to infectious disease.


  • Detects more than 200 common, rare, and novel bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens in respiratory specimens.
  • Includes detailed, user-friendly enhanced report to help guide therapeutic decisions.


  • Identify pathogens PCR and culture can miss.
  • Enables hypothesis-free diagnosis.
  • Provides a new option for very ill patients, or patients with suspicion of infection, who resulted negative with traditional tests like culture and PCR.